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  • Calculator FAQ's
  • 1. What is BMI?

    The "Body Mass Index", or BMI, is a metric used to estimate the amount of body fat a person has.

    Though BMI calculator doesn't measure body fat directly, it correlates with other direct measures of body fat, according to the US Navy Formula.

  • 2. What is my recommended calorie intake?

    Ever wonder how many calories you need a day to maintain your current weight? Though this is based on a variety of factors, the USDA assigns individuals to a calorie level based on gender, age and activity level. The chart below can serve as a general guide to help you determine how many calories you need a day if you are trying to maintain your current weight.

    If you are overweight or underweight, your daily caloric needs may differ from the calories listed on this guide. Weight loss requires burning off more calories than you consume through exercise. Please consult with a health care professional to determine how many calories you need to reach your desired goal.

  • 3. Know your liquid daily calorie intake?

    Liquid calories in just about any form — alcohol, juice or soda — are stealth calories. They come in undetected under the radar screen, but have an impact that can be enormous. Scientific evidence confirms that although such liquids count as calories, the body doesn't detect them the same way as it would detect solid food.

    When people eat calories in the form of solid food, they naturally compensate by reducing the rest of their food intake. But when people ingest liquid calories, they don't compensate for them by eating fewer calories, studies show.

  • 4. What is BMR?

    Basal Metabolic Rate, meaning, that is the energy you expend in the form of calories burned, keeping your body functioning while at a restful state. In other words, it is the calories your body would burn if you were in a comatose state. The bare minimum to keep your internal organs working.

  • 5. Disclaimer: What I should know?

    Disclaimer: The information given on this site is meant to help you reach your fitness goals. It is not meant to substitute for the advice of your physician. All information given in on Body Temples website is meant to be an estimate. For specific information regarding your body fat percentage or health, please consult your physician.